Rising New York Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Was Involved In A Brawl At LAX After Taunting ‘Haters’

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New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9inehas been a lightning rod for controversy in the past week, and it looks like all of his threats have finally caught up to him. After days of taunting gang members in Los Angeles during All Star Weekend, he allegedly got into a brawl at LAX this morning. The fight was first reported on Twitter by producer Teddy Walton in a string of (now deleted) Tweets. However, one of his friends caught the fight on camera. The video is shot upside down for some reason, but you can clearly identify 6ix9ine by his colorful hair:

TMZ also got more clear video of the fight, too. This is the ending that most people expected from the rapper’s latest stunt. He went on social media late last week claiming that he was safe in Los Angeles, and he didn’t have to “check in”– which is an affectionate term for confirming your status with the local gang population.

6ix9ine is not shy about his gang affiliation, and this obviously angered a lot of people in the city. He ended up coming to LA and recorded himself around the city, but other than a few gang members trying to search for him at his hotel — no one could find him until this morning. This will no doubt add more hype to his upcoming project, which releases this Friday, and add to the history of controversy surrounding the troubled rapper’s career.