Tekashi 69 Was Reportedly Transferred To A Facility Used For Witnesses Who Have Agreed To Cut A Deal

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Updates on Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 69’s legal status have been pouring in all week. The young, embattled MC was arrested on Sunday night on charges of “racketeering” via a joint investigation between ATF (Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives), the New York Police Department, and Homeland Security. Although he recently fired his whole team in an attempt to get distance from what was clearly a bad situation — like veteran rapper Fat Joe warned him about months ago — the move was too little too late for the 22-year-old who may now face life in prison.

After being put in with the general population in Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, Tekashi and his lawyer Lance Lazzaro were reportedly concerned for the rapper’s safety due to the prevalence of rival gang members on the inside and the potential for violence he faced as a celebrity target. Now, TMZ is reporting that Tekashi has been moved to a different facility, but the action might not just be to protect him — the space he’s transferred to is one often used for witnesses who have agreed to cut a deal.

Though there’s currently no confirmation as to whether Tekashi has agreed to work with the authorities or not, his lawyer has already been seeding the idea that Tekashi was merely using the gang ties to help bolster his rap career, and wasn’t actually involved in criminal activity. And while Lazzaro tries to get the situation sorted out for his client, the rapper’s debut album Dummy Boy, which was slated to come out today, has officially been delayed.

Aside from this legal situation, Tekashi is also embroiled in another case that involves sexual misconduct with a minor, something that has tarnished his image since his popularity began to grow earlier this year. And all this legal trouble is a shame, as he let a series of bad decisions and inane antics overshadow what could’ve been a strong debut. For his part, 50 Cent is done co-signing Tekashi — we’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the world reacts.