The Game Back Downs To Melyssa Ford/ Info on 50 Cent’s New Album

01.08.07 11 years ago

According to MTV:

They had a choice,” said Game’s manager, Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond, who helped smooth things over with the displeased women. “They had two choices: You could either be clowned or we can make this fun where people won’t take it as serious. If you fight against it, it becomes serious, ’cause we could get the look-alikes and clown in fun. But if you participate, it can be more impactful. For instance, [model] Melyssa Ford, we’ll have her in a Honda Accord [in the video], but then Game will kinda wake up out of that spell and we’ll have her in a 500 Benz. We’ll clean it up for her. It’s all in fun, though.”

The Game is always backing down. He talks about her driving a Honda Accord but got her in a Benz in the video. This is only because he is not moving units, otherwise he would of played her. Also the Game may make a mini movie for the album and re release it. Full Story

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Dj Whoo Kid told MTV 50’s new album will be, “half crazy club-bangin’ ridiculous and half hard-core killer sh–.” 50 didn’t say if this is true and stated:

the album won’t veer too far off from what he’s already done. “People bought into me and who I am,” he said. “I’m gonna keep doing aggressive music. And you know who told me to do that? My grandmother.”

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