The Game Sees Your ‘All Eyez On Me’ Criticism And He Is Not Happy About It At All

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06.17.17 3 Comments

Growing up in Compton, The Game has long been a fan of Tupac, even going so far as to promote a photoshopped picture of himself with Pac as the real deal, until he was called out for it. Game is clearly inspired by Pac, and he gets a little defensive about any criticism of his idol, even the biopic All Eyez On Me.

The movie has received mixed reviews, to say the least, with a Rotten Tomato score of 24 and even more fervor about the film on social media. Well, The Game doesn’t like all of that criticism, and took to Instagram to defend the movie against the most vocal pundits.

“#AllEyezOnMe SUPPORT it. Go see it. Tell a friend. I love the movie,” Game said in the post. “ANYBODY with a negative review of this film or anything bad to say about PAC….. I’m gone say it since he can’t….. F*CK YOU.” He also addressed the controversy involving his manager Wack 100 and Maino and his issues with the movie in the comments, saying simply “He had an opinion and knew Pac personally” while supporting Wack for his opinion.

Game also went to Instagram Live to continue to air out his grievances, saying more of the same and talking about how complicated it would be to cram Tupac’s lively 25 years into a two hour film.

So, yeah, it appears the movie might not be very good, or true to life, but don’t tell any of that to The Game because he is clearly not having it.

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