The Roots And Their Superstar Friends Turn In The Ultimate Performance Of South By Southwest 2017

Senior Music Writer

Bud Light

If you found yourself in downtown Austin on Saturday night for the penultimate evening of South By Southwest, and weren’t one of the hundreds of people wrapped around the block trying to get into 800 Congress Avenue, you truly messed up. It was in those intimate confines that the legendary Roots crew hosted their second annual Bud Light Jam Session, and turned in a set that people will no doubt be talking about for years to come.

The showcase was billed enticingly as The Roots And Friends, and the crowd just knew the Philly legends would bust out some surprises, but no one could have expected the sheer level of star power that hit the stage across the nearly four-hour long set. From up-and-comers to honest to God legends, everyone was well-represented.

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