Did The Weeknd Cut His Iconic Hair For His Celestial ‘Starboy’ Album Cover? [Update]

Update: Post has been updated with Starboy’s release date.

It looks like Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye may have cut his legendary, iconic, unorthodox locs for this new era of his rising career. The “Can’t Feel My Face” singer unveiled the very-much astral album cover for his upcoming third studio album, the aptly-titled, Starboy. The celestial album cover was shot by photographer Nabil Elderkin and looks like a movie poster for a VHS film starring Abel.

For what it’s worth, if The Weeknd did cut the amazing hair that a drunk Taylor Swift petted without permission like a zoo animal one time, it’s probably because it was getting in the way of his everyday life, particularly sleeping and seeing. Those are two things very important things. In an interview with the Rolling Stone last October, the 26-year-old Grammy winner said his Jean-Michel Basquiat-inspired hair was making it hard for him to get a good night’s rest. “I wake up with neck pains sometimes,” he revealed when asked if his hair has ever gotten anyone. “I’ll probably cut it if it starts interfering with my sight. I can kind of see it right now. But if I cut it, I’d look like everyone else. And that’s just so boring to me.” The music probably won’t be.

Currently, there’s known release date for Starboy just yet, but Thursday is the official start of fall so it must be soon! In the meantime, pour a little one out for The Weeknd’s hair.

Looks like the XO singer will be unleashing Starboy November 25th.

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