The Weeknd’s ‘False Alarm’ Video Is A Wicked, Bloody Mess You Can’t Look Away From

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
10.13.16 4 Comments

The Weeknd’s never been tame with his art. Not the guy who often references copious amounts of fornication and drugs within his music. But, his new video for “False Alarm” takes his love for all things sinful and wild to new levels. The hyper-violent clip is a bloody, messy mini-movie that depicts a bank heist, a damsel held captive, an seemingly endless amount of gunfire with cops and robbers both left for dead. The story is depicted through the eyes of one of the bad guys and first-person shooter viewpoint will probably win Abel and co. extra cool points from gamers. Giving away too many details might ruin the experience of seeing it for yourself. So, do that but be aware that it’s intense and filled with graphic imagery before hitting play while you’re in class or eating lunch in your cubicle.

The video comes as fans of the King of Fall wait in anticipation for the release of his Starboy album, currently slated for a November 25th release. “False Alarm” clearly channels the “aggressive but still sexy” description Abel said the project channels as he looks to follow up the huge success of Beauty Behind the Madness. One thing is for certain: The Weeknd’s pushing the envelope instead of even considering playing it safe.

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