The Weeknd’s Throwback ‘I Feel It Coming’ Video With Daft Punk Is A Sci-Fi Dream

If you tuned into the Grammy’s last month, you’re probably already familiar with The Weeknd’s second Starboy album collaboration with Daft Punk “I Feel It Coming.” Coming in the wake of that stunning performance, Abel linked up with the Robots once again to debut a brand new music video for the song.

Directed by Warren Fu, the video has a distinct, vintage, ’80s science fiction vibe. We open on a desolate, rock-filled planet and pan to The Weeknd singing alone and by himself. A sun slowly rises in the distance filling the screen with a warm glow. Suddenly joined by a woman made entirely of light. The slowly dance with one another until darkness takes over and she turns into stone and crashes to the ground.

A cosmic storm breaks out. Abel drops to his knees, reaching for a snake slithering just out of reach. Before he can grab it however, he also turns into stone. The song ends, but the clip continues. This time, the scene is filled with snow. A purple glow emanates from under the white powder. The two members of Daft Punk walk into view and wipe the snow off the the source of the light. They look to each other and then everything goes black.

The whole thing is pretty trippy, but certainly grabs your attention. You can check out the “I Feel It Coming” video above, or watch The Weeknd’s earlier collaboration with Daft Punk “Starboy” below.