The Weeknd Ratchets Up The Hedonism For His Hazy, Neon-Tinted ‘Party Monster’ Video

The Weeknd is riding high off his success from Starboy, which is decidedly pop, but he’s not worried about purist fans in the slightest. And though he might personally be sober, he also seems unbothered by the potential consequences of preaching an unabridged gospel of hedonism. Hey, sex sells, this we know.

Anyway, today Abel keeps building his momentum by releasing the “Party Monster” video, which features Lana Del Rey on guest vocals and in the visual, and concept-wise looks like it might have been borrowed from British noise-pop destroyer Clarence Clarity. Then again, this late night, vintage death wish vibe has been around for a long time. So there’s plenty of occult symbolism, crosses, naked girls, fast cars, and at the end? He’s headed off a cliff of course. The whole thing is one long hazy, neon-tinted trip, which is a succinct distillation of the whole of Starboy.

Despite the makeout session with Selena Gomez that had fans freaking out yesterday — and the line in this song that may or may not be dedicated to Ms. Gomez’s behind — she does not appear in the clip. That didn’t stop the internet from marveling at her butt though, courtesy of this sexy picture of her in just a thong that’s been circulating on Instagram. At this rate, maybe we’ll get a Selena cameo in the next one. Watch it above.