Watch The Weeknd’s Dark And Mysterious ‘Starboy’ Music Video Now

Alas! The official release of The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ video that was so epically great that MTV went ahead and nominated it for a “Best Video” EMA a day before its actual release. Is it worthy of being in the “Best Video” conversation? It doesn’t matter because the powers that be have already done their job.

Directed by “Can’t Feel My Face” director Grant Singer, “Starboy” finds The Weeknd suffocating and killing his old self for this new era while bopping around like he’s Michael Jackson’s heir apparent. We’re then taken to Abel’s home where he smashes all of his awards and plaques with a glowing pink cross before setting that b*tch on fire and driving away in his fancy sportscar with a panther calling shotgun.

Despite the video being released prematurely on the director’s Vimeo account, the promotional rollout for STARBOY has been nothing less than flawless. The title track released September 21, video released September 28, and the album hits our undeserving ears November 25th. Until then, XOers can catch Abel performing at The Meadows Music and Arts Festival this Saturday. He’s also scheduled to appear on SNL as the show’s musical guest that same night. A pretty tight schedule but it’s nothing to a “motherf*ckin’ Starboy.”