Tierra Whack Released Her Third Single In As Many Weeks, The Confident ‘Gloria’

Tierra Whack is keeping up her impressive one-single-per-week pace. After a high-energy performance of her recent track “Only ChildJimmy Kimmel Live Monday night, the Philadelphia rapper has released another new song. “Gloria” is confident and and catchy, with a frenetic, hummingbird beat that dares Whack to beat it with her fastest and smoothest flow.

On 2018’s Whack World, the rapper showed off her impressive inventiveness, packing 15 songs into just 15 minutes of runtime. Whack is one of hip-hop’s biggest rising stars, and “Gloria,” alongside her other fantastic new singles, makes it apparent that the genius of Whack World isn’t a one-off.

It’s even more amazing that Whack has found ways to bring that experimental spirit to more traditional rap songs. She can put her verses to a 15-minute album/EP/short film/longform music video, but she doesn’t need the non-traditional format to make exciting, innovative music. These new singles maintain what makes Whack so unique, but in a slightly more radio-friendly package. Whack hasn’t announced a new album coming any time soon, but if she continues releasing singles every week, we’ll have a nice little collection of new songs soon.

Listen to Tierra Whack’s new single “Gloria” above, and watch her performance of “Only Child” on Kimmel here.