Tierra Whack Lit Up The ‘Kimmel’ Stage With An Energetic Performance Of ‘Only Child’

Tierra Whack‘s Whack World was one of the best debuts of 2018. The Philadelphia rapper delivered 15 airtight tracks in just 15 minutes, immediately setting herself apart as an imaginative visual and musical artist. Whack followed up her breakout year with two new tracks in 2019, “Only Child” and “Clones” — and it looks like her dabbling in longer, more traditional songwriting formats is getting her just as much attention as her mini-tracks.

Whack made the television debut of “Only Child” on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night. The brevity of a late-night set can be an energy suck for some artists, but not Whack. She’s creative with her space on the stage, and her high-energy performances truly light up every crowd she performs for. On theme with the song’s childish subject, Whack performed in front of a massive LED screen that turned the stage into a spooky playground at night, and she pushed a creepy-but-cute papier-mâché monster baby doll around in a wagon onstage. The props weren’t a gimmick, though — they genuinely worked with the playful vibe of the song, and helped make the performance even more memorable.

Whack also performed her Whack World standout “Hungry Hippo” as an online exclusive. You can check out both above.