Tierra Whack Shoots Down A Selfish Lover On Her Woozy New Single, ‘Only Child’

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Last year, Philadelphia rapper Tierra Whack came out of seemingly nowhere to become a huge favorite of both fans and critics with her experimental project Whack World, which played with the form and function of hip-hop in ways that hadn’t been seen in decades. While the project garnered the up-and-coming MC plenty of name recognition, she’s out to prove it wasn’t just a fluke and that she can do a lot more with her latest single, “Only Child.”

Featuring a mellow, woozy beat and a compelling mix of lighthearted singing and punchy raps, “Only Child,” finds Tierra confronting a selfish, disappointing lover, positing that he must be an only child due to his selfish ways. Fan of Whack World will be pleased to learn that Whack has as much of a knack for finishing song concepts with as much polish and panache as she promised on the ultra-short tracks on that project.

That ability is what landed Tierra Whack placement as part of Apple Music’s Up Next emerging artist program. She joins a growing list of top-flight talent that the program has highlighted in the past which includes 6lack, Billie Eilish, and Juice Wrld. As part of the campaign, she’ll receive a short film premiering on February 26 and an accompanying performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in March — her official television debut. Check out the trailer for the short above, which helps prove that although Whack is really part of her name, her raps are anything but.

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