Tierra Whack Explains Exactly Why She Hates LA In The Melancholy ‘Wasteland’

Tierra Whack Tuesdays continue with another new release shared by Zane Lowe as his Beats 1 Radio show’s World Record. The quirky rapper from Philadelphia explained her new song, “Wasteland,” as a lament about hating the idea of living in Los Angeles, prompting the host to joke, “Fellas in Los Angeles, California: It’s looking bleak for you right now!”

As Whack explains it, “Every time I’m in LA I’m working…. It’s industry. No matter how much I’m here, how much have to I work here, I’ll probably never connect.” She elaborated that saying if she ever met a man in LA who wanted to date, she could never take him seriously. That sentiment translates through the wistful, almost mournful tone of the beat and Tierra’s disaffected delivery of her verses, where she sounds both bored and unimpressed.

Judging from some of her other past singles, which have released every week on Tuesday like clockwork, she hasn’t been having much luck in the dating department since her debut project, Whack World, blew up in 2018 and made her everyone’s new favorite rapper. “Only Child” found her dealing with a dude who acts like a spoiled brat, while “Clones” pitted her against the unoriginality of the rap game and “Gloria” had her calling out “most of you dudes are garbage.”

They say music can be therapeutic. Let’s hope so. Either way, whoever these hypothetical dudes are, they’ve got to be sick to see all Tierra Whack’s success while they miss out.