Okay, It’s Time To Let Meek Mill Live

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10.20.16 22 Comments

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It finally happened. After enough trolls bombarded him endlessly and daily, Meek Mill deleted his Instagram account. Considering that he’s only used his Twitter account five times this year — all in a promotional capacity — it was the final nail in the coffin and the final piece of validation for Drake’s scathing diss track “Back to Back.” Trigger fingers had turned to Twitter fingers and now been silenced. Meek had lost the first rap heavyweight social media war.

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What’s odd about Meek’s loss, is he took that L while standing up for some of the core tenets of what hip hop is supposed to honor. He outed Drake for having a ghostwriter — the cardinal sin! — and questioned his realness, another factor that historically held a lot of weight in the world of rap. But the fact that Meek was right wasn’t what mattered. Drake was more popular, and he had more memes, so Meek became a punchline and Drizzy keeps smashing streaming records every other week. It’s unfortunate that the guy who ousted the fake is now the euphemism for losing, and the fake is the biggest rapper in the world at the moment. We’ve reached the point where popularity matters more than anything, even facts.

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