Desiigner Gets Another Big Assist From Kanye West On The ‘Tiimmy Turner’ Remix

Editorial Director, Music

Most people were made aware of the existence of one 19-year-old Bedstuy rapper named Desiigner by the inclusion of his hit “Panda” on “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2,” a song off Kanye West’s noir gospel opus Life Of Pablo.

He was quickly signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. music label, complete with a cosign from label president Pusha T, and spent the rest of the year blowing up enough to earn his own VMAs red carpet shoutout.

While Pablo remains malleable and shifting, Desiigner took Ye cosign and ran with it, following up the success of “Panda” with another insanely catchy song “Timmy Turner.” For a lot of us — including me — this song proved that Desiigner wasn’t just a one hit wonder. In fact, it originated as a freestyle.

Now Kanye West has assisted him again, by hopping on a remix of the song. It’s a bit darker and more introspective than “Panda,” and some critics didn’t think the original lived up to the hype of his first single, but the catchiness is undeniable. Particularly this song is interesting because of how dark the lyrics are and how light the hook seems to be, until you listen more carefully. Kanye continues addressing the ongoing issue of police brutality and gun violence toward the African American community with the chilling observation: “You might get killed on your way to work.”

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