Top 5: Reasons Why Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter IV” Is A Disappointment (Top 10 Worst Lines)

Lil Wayne finally released his first album since being locked up, “Tha Carter IV.” It follows up his biggest album to date, “Tha Carter III,” which sold over a million records in its first week of sales. The world waited to see if Lil Wayne would come back and drop an album that would match or top, “Tha Carter III.” Unfortunately, “Tha Carter IV,” while sure to be a success in terms of sales, is a huge disappointment. Keep reading to see my reasons.

Too Much Talk About Life

Cause life is a movie that I’ve seen too many times
Life is a choice, and death is a decision
Well if life is a bitch, then mine a gold digger
Life is a gamble better check the point spread
And when life sucks, I just enjoy the head
Sitting on the world, I got life in my hand
Life is the bitch, and death is her sister
This a crazy world and life is shorter than Bushwick
Life is a midget, so try to live it up

Lil Wayne gets carried away with the lines about life and when it becomes repetitive it gets annoying. Lines like, “Life is a midget, so try to live it up,” leave you with a blank stare.

Repetitive Use Of The Punchline Flow

Knock me, I knock ya face off, life’s a crazy bitch, Grace Jones
We jack son then light up that L, Samuel
How you niggas want it? Have it your way, Burger King
Uh, I’m a monster, exorcisms
I get deep in that pussy, dig her out, surgery
Break in your fucking home, take your life, burglary
And I go down south, Louisiana
Everybody’s fighting over positions, musical chairs
She crazy about that dick, Lorena Bobbitt
Tote tools like mechanics, mechanism
I say you rappers sweet, tiramisu
And them niggas p-ssies, camel toes
Hear no evil see no evil, Helen Keller
Now watch me go retarded, yellow short bus
Well what goes around comes around, propellers
Give me them three holes, bowling ball
If you’re scared, go to church, Mason Betha (Actually I like that one lol )

If Big Sean thought Drake stole his flow he must be ready to sue Lil Wayne after this album. While the flow has been around a long time, Lil Wayne decides to use it constantly on, “Tha Carter IV.” This leads to several less than stellar lines like, “She crazy about that dick, Lorena Bobbitt,” “Tote tools like mechanics, mechanism,” & “Now watch me go retarded, yellow short bus.”

Beat Selection

I think Lil Wayne could of done a better job at picking beats for his tracks. The only beats that stood out to me on the album were, “6’7”, “She Will,” “Intro/Interlude/Outro,” and “So Special.” “Megaman,” sounds just like Lil Wayne and Drake’s, “Ransom,” which was better. “John,” has a good beat but it’s a remixed Rick Ross song. It seems like Birdman decided to be cheap on the beats to avoid lawsuits.

Biggest Features Don’t Feature Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne decided to have an Interlude with Tech N9ne and Andre 3000. Then has an outro with Nas, Busta Rhymes, Shyne & Bun B. Lil Wayne was better off breaking this up and getting features on other tracks. Who wouldn’t want to hear a track with Lil Wayne going back and forth with Andre 3000 and/or Nas? That could have been a nice, “3 Peat,” part 2.

Lame Rap Lines

Niggas faker than some flour in a powder bag
I beat the beat up, call it self-defense
Weed’s loud, like a lion’s roar
Boy I send them bloods at your ass like a tampon
I’m a diamond in the rough like a baby in the trash
All that bullshit is for the birds, she was pigeon-toed
Can’t desert the future, no Nevada
Just sit on my grill, that’s that tailgate for ya
Cause I don’t give a fuck, I put the ass in assassin
Have niggas in ya yard like a yard sale
You can save your bullshit on your memory card
I put it down like my hands hurting
For dear life your holding on En Vogue nigga
I still got the vision like a line between two dots
But these motherfuckers talkin’ crazy like they jaw broke
That’s my word like, word like the-saurus
Now it’s f-ck everybody like a Scorpio
Potato on the barrel, pop pop potato salad
Boy I’m going in, like my water broke
I put in overtime, like a tied score
And the jewelry bright, like summer clothes
You faker than some titties, you get tittie f-cked
Now we get higher(Hi-Ya), call that shit karate

This biggest problem with Lil Wayne’s, “Tha Carter IV,” is the abundance of lame rap lines. A lot of lines are so silly it is hard to believe Lil Wayne made them while sober. With lines and hooks that aren’t catchy the songs on the album become easily forgettable. Check the next page for the top ten worst lines on the album.

Top 10 Worst Lines From “Tha Carter IV”

1. All about my riches, my name should be Richard
2. All hail Weezy, call it bad weather
3. Niggas act like bitches, shanaynay, oh my goodness
4. Nigga, I’m straight, my girl a faggot
5. Swear, man, I be seein’ through these niggas like sequins
6. And all my bitches nasty like a cold dinner
7. And them pistols popping like they sitting in a skillet
8. But don’t fuck up with Wayne cause when it “Waynes” it pours
9. And don’t call me “Sir,” call me “Sir-vivor”
10. This shits a game of chess, you niggas think it’s cleavage

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