Inventive Chicago Rapper Towkio Dances On Water And Raps With An Orchestra In The ‘Swim’ Lyric Video

Savemoney affiliate Towkio has been gearing up for the release of his first major album after the runaway success of Chicago cohorts and crewmates Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa with high-octane singles “Drift” and “Hot Sh*t,” and now the lyric video (labeled “Performance Art Video”) for his latest single, “Swim.” You may recognize him from his cameo in Vic’s “OMG” music video, or from his work with Chance, including his appearance on Chance’s exuberant “Angels.” He displays the same gifts for lyrical virtuoso as his Chi-town associates, as well as a similar affinity for elaborate, orchestral arrangements, with swelling strings and inspirational vibes encouraging listeners “Please don’t live your life in vain.”

“Life been like a dream lately,” Towkio exults, reminding himself and us to “look up in the stars and make your problems seem minuscule.” The video itself contains some clever, aquatic visuals, using reflections in sunlit puddles of gasoline and water to create a bright but hazy look to accompany the similarly upbeat and positive lyrics. Towkio and his friends make an appearance toward the end to show off their footwork (AKA “juke,” the energetic, lower extremity-focused dance popular in Chicago).

Towkio’s full-length debut, WWW, is being recorded with Rick Rubin, at the legendary producer’s Shangri-La studio, to be released through Republic Records.