Tracy Morgan Details His Recovery And New Outlook On The Breakfast Club

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Tracy Morgan was a featured guest on Thursday morning’s edition of The Breakfast Club in which the convo centered around his horrific accident, the road to recover and how being on the brink of death affected his outlook on life. Of course, Tracy Morgan being Tracy Morgan, he was as candid and hilarious as could be as he shifted between being so outrageously funny and dead serious with a blink of the eye. On the outlandish side of things, the funnyman revealed that he bought his wife a $20 million mansion along with four new whips: a Lamborghini, two Rolls Royces, and a Bugatti “all in a half-hour.” His purchases also included a G4 for travel purposes while he tours.

In Morgan, there’s also a more serious side that understands how close he came to leaving here as a result of the car wreck that put him in a coma. Call it religious or spiritual, it doesn’t matter to Morgan. For him it’s all comes back to his faith and connection to a higher power.

“I keep my priorities in check since I started,” he said. “My relationship with G-o-d first. Me, my health and then my family. Show business is way down here [points] when it comes to the grand scheme of things. It’s down here. And God got a way to show you. ‘Okay, I’m gonna put you in an accident just so you know what’s what.’ I always had that, but I might have been headed to something…You never know. When your room is ready, your room is ready.”

When asked if he felt like he pulled a fast one on the grim reaper, the comedian didn’t blink. “I don’t feel like I cheated anything,” he explained. “I just feel it wasn’t my time. Like I just said, when your room is ready, your room is ready.”

While the incident may have changed his perspective on certain things in life, he said one of the most important things that didn’t change was his “funny.” It’s that magical sense of humor which allows him to connect with people from all walks of life to entertain him. He describes his friend Tina Fey’s sigh of relief and joy in response to him cracking a big joke at the Emmy’s. Not matter his physical injuries and the long recovery process he went through, he insists he knew he’d be okay as long as he retained that sharp edge mentally.

Of course, an interview with Tracy Morgan is going to be filled with unhinged moments where the hosts are at his complete mercy. When he shifts the topic to host DJ Envy’s recent trip to Africa, Morgan reveals he and his wife have their own plans to visit the continent. “I’ll be the first one to go back in my generation in 500 years,” he said. “I’mma curse somebody out. And then I’ll start my vacation. Cause we waited. ‘We waited for y’all to come get us!’”

There’s also him telling Angela Yee how she would’ve been in trouble around him in high school. Not in a Donald Trump creepy way, but in the outrageously funny Tracy Morgan way that’s super hard not to double over in laughter in response to it. Like the man said, thank God he didn’t lose his funny.

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