Troy Ave Pays Tribute To His Fallen Friend ‘Banga’ In Video For ‘Chuck Norris’

After being indicted on five different felonies for his role in the Irving Plaza shooting, Troy Ave still found time to support his Free Troy Ave project with a new single, “Chuck Norris (Hoes N Gangstas).”

The video leads off with Troy’s Breakfast Club interview where he extols on the virtues of “street n*ggas.” The Brooklyn emcee said that folks from the streets have to show a form of respect for each other because “nobody wanna be into no violence for no reason.” Once the video launches, it’s a mashup of Troy’s stage performances and him being escorted into the custody of the NYPD.  The video ends with an “R.I.P. Banga” graphic, who was the friend slain at the Plaza shooting.

Free Troy Ave was released on June 6th, four days before Troy was indicted on charges for one count of second-degree attempted murder and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon.