Turk And Birdman Kiss And Make Up

Our national nightmare is now over. Turk and Birdman want you to know there’s no beef between them and that their bond is as strong as ever. Last month, a lot of people assumed the two were going at each others necks during the “Respeck” video shoot. Two people decided to set the record straight and if you squint hard enough, it looks like Turk and Birdman.

I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot better now.

For those of us not paying attention to the many legal woes the Cash Money CEO is entangled with, he and Turk settled an ongoing lawsuit out of court last year, one where the former Hot Boy sought $1.3 million for unpaid royalty and publishing payments. As Baby always says, if you want your money, you may as well take him to court.

With Turk feeling like he finally got his just desserts, Birdman recently threw his support behind Turk’s latest project, Young N’ Thuggin 2, and said tour.

Here’s the question: How close are we to getting an actual original Cash Money Millionaires reunion? Sadly, B.G. wouldn’t be a part of it but Mannie Freh, Juvenile, and now Turk have all seemingly made their peace with the man they once adoringly referred to as “Stunna.” Probably not as close as many would like, as there still seems to be a huge block of ice between Wayne and his boss and any time it looks to be thawing out, something else happens to make the divide even larger. It’s a tad ironic that Birdman can mend fences with everyone accept the man he truly believes is his blood.

Anyway, hopefully you all can sleep better now knowing that these two are reunited and it feels so good.

(Via Hip Hop DX)