A Mysterious Website Is Counting Down To What Many Fans Believe Is Tyler The Creator’s Next Album

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UPDATE: The website now includes a countdown clock that is ticking down to sometime in the evening on Thursday, May 4.

There’s a new website out there that has Tyler The Creator fans worked up and speculating that he’s about to drop a brand new album. A keen-eyed Reddit user shared a link to this site, that contains a blue background with a set of yellow words that read, “MAY 2017.” Now, you may be thinking, “That’s kind of flimsy, what does that have anything to do with Tyler?”

Well, some web-sleuths went into the site’s registration information and found that it was linked to golfwang.com and golflefleur.com, which is the shop for Tyler’s official Golf website. An earlier image that has since been replaced shared what appeared to show a track list, along with a specific date, May 5th, which happens to be a Friday, the day when albums are typically released. Furthermore, as you go back through history, all three of Tyler’s official albums have come out in either April or May, two years apart. The last one Cherry Bomb debuted in 2015.

Tyler himself hasn’t directly addressed the website or the rumors, but happened to update his Twitter bio today to read, “kids are f**king stupid and believe anything on the internet.” The more you think about it though, isn’t that exactly what he’d say if he was trying to throw his fans off the scent?

Who really knows at this point what’s truth or fiction. The evidence is interesting to say the least.

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