Tyler, The Creator Loves Trouble’s ‘Bring It Back’ So Much That He Remixed It

Tyler, The Creator released a surprise remix to Trouble’s “Bring It Back.” The Golf Wang ringleader speeds up his voice and pitches up Mike Will Made -t’s hard-hitting production. The verses are also boasts that only Tyler can claim. “Converse selling out, they got their thumbs tied / Re-up on my deal, let’s make it 1-5,” he begins, referencing his Converse GOLF le FLEUR sneaker collection. But “Bring It Back”‘s eerie quality remains intact, and the point of Tyler’s remix is the same as the original’s. As Trouble himself says, “Go for that shit now, get your money back.”

Tyler’s “Bring It Back” remix was simply part of a fun little exercise. “i might just start adding verses to songs i like cause fuck it why not,” he said on Twitter. “such a weird beat but i love it hope you enjoy it was fun.”

“Bring It Back” appears on Trouble’s Edgewood, the Atlanta rap veteran‘s first project since entering a joint venture between Interscope and Mike Will’s Ear Drummers Records. Before Tyler remixed the song, Drake liked what he heard in “Bring It Back” so much, he hopped on the original. “Mike [Will] definitely got some deeper trap than what I might just grab,” Trouble said on The Breakfast Club yesterday (below). “Because I’m Gmail shawty. I don’t gotta have one of those bigger dudes in the game. I still be going through Gmail. You could be 16 in Wichita, Kansas. I don’t really be caring. if it’s heat, I’ll just pull it up. But Mike definitely had a deeper sound, to where I feel like, we may as well just do it the whole way together.”

Edgewood was released 3/23 via Interscope and Ear Drummer Records. Get it here.