Valee’s Woozy ‘Miami’ Video Featuring Pusha T Might Introduce A New Rap Star

Chicago rapper Valee has a lot to celebrate as GOOD Music’s latest artist signing, but from the looks of his video for “Miami,” he may want to ease up a bit. He was definitely over-served at the bar, leading to a series of bizarre visions with a peculiar, hallucinogenic quality to them.

There’s a girl whose face he can’t quite remember (which is at least somewhat relatable), but then he stumbles into what looks like the “three witches” scene from Macbeth in the restaurant’s kitchen. He also chokes up a brown, powdery substance while being stalked by a pair of kids dressed like Chicago artist Hebru Brantley‘s “Flyboy” character, complete with the cartoon’s iconic goggles. He wakes up on a beach, but not in Miami — instead he’s somehow been transported to his native Chicago’s lake shore, which is completely abandoned as he groggily looks around.

Meanwhile, guest star and GOOD Music president Pusha T turns up to steal the show, stunting in his usual ostentatious fashion. He even sports the Chanel Pharrell Adidas sneakers he flaunts in his verse for good measure.

It looks like Valee is off to a hot start on this particular phase of his career. With the video for “Miami” teasing a sharp instinct for intriguing visuals and a charismatic personality that can hang with a ten-year vet like Push, Valee likely has an exciting future ahead of him.