Vic Mensa Spent A Night In Jail After Being Arrested For Felony Gun Possession

Vic Mensa had a recent, unfortunate run in with the law that led to him spending a night behind bars. According to TMZ, The Chicago rapper was apparently driving around Beverly Hills, California when he ran through a stop sign and was pulled over by police, who also cited him for his window tint. Mensa immediately let the officer know that he had a weapon in the car and then showed them his concealed carry permit. Unfortunately, the permit came from another state and didn’t apply in California, so Mensa was arrested, spent a night in jail, and was later released on a $35,000 bond.

Sadly, this isn’t Mensa’s first run-in with Beverly Hills Police. In August, last year, Mensa and a group of his friends were pulled over and detained after the rapper spent somewhere around $4,000 at Barneys. According to TMZ, the police, “got a call from a store owner who accused Vic and his crew of jacking some merch.”

Mensa was understandably indignant, and insisted that he was being racially profiled by the authorities. “The craziest part about it, I went and bought some ill Saint Laurent boots, some more sh*t from Barneys, and we get all pulled out the f**king car and get accused of stealing. And on top of that, they don’t even know what they think we stole.”

Mensa filmed some of the earlier incident, which you can watch below.