Vic Mensa Asks ‘At What Point Are The Manufacturers Of Xanax Held Accountable?’

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11.29.17 10 Comments

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In a new interview with Billboard, outspoken Chicago rapper Vic Mensa questions the accountability of prescription drug manufacturers in the ongoing opioid abuse epidemic and wonders whether they can be held criminally liable for the deaths that have resulted from the abuse of drugs like Xanax and Percocet.

“They act like what they’re giving us is not drugs,” he says. “I really start to ask, like, at what point and time do we start holding the manufacturers of Xanax accountable? The prescribers of Xanax and Percocet, at what point and time do the people that literally make these products in labs and mass produce them — when are these people criminals?”

Going one step further, Vic switches from simply calling these purveyors of unsafe chemical remedies for life’s ailments “murderers,” saying, “They are making the murder weapon, and there’s no way I can propose that this is the most effective, logical treatment for these mental illnesses.”

The interview covers a number of subjects which Vic has spoken on before, including gun control and his feelings on Lil Peep’s recent death from overdose, and he holds nothing back.

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