Video: AR-AB Blog pt.2 “The Conclusion” (Shows Text Messages From Cassidy)

01.24.13 6 years ago 22 Comments

AR-AB speaks on online haters, speaks on Cassidy at 4:45 and selling his, “Full Surface,” chain to buy by cocaine. AR-AB says he wasn’t a trader to Cassidy at 7:18 and goes on to say he will expose rappers living a lie. AR-AB speaks on his loyalty at 12:12 and his relationship with Cassidy at 13:06. He said Cassidy wanted goons around him and he said he would make him rich. “How you going to be loyal to a n!gga that left you for dead,” says AR-AB. He goes on to show A Cassidy text at 18:05. AR-AB goes on to say he is still cool with Cassidy.

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