Tell Em Why You Mad: David Banner Addresses People Hating On The South

07.31.07 11 years ago 65 Comments

RealTalkNY talked to David Banner recently about his new album, “Greatest Story Ever Told,” and Hip Hop. He was in a joking mood until I brought up people hating on the south. Banner adamantly stated, “You know most niggas that bitch and moan, be broke niggas that can’t sell records. 50 Cent ain’t trippin, Jay-Z ain’t trippin, is he? He’s making money.” David Banner felt that people need to worry about making their own music successful instead of criticizing others. He also felt that New York rappers didn’t show Southern artist the same love they were given. David Banner went on to say:

Work on you, work on your life, if we spent as much time on our own material and our own songs, we wouldn’t have to worry about another nigga. If niggas feel the south ain’t doing what they want them to do, spend some more time on your shit and make your people blow up.

South niggas was the only niggas that always put everybody on their shit. We put New York niggas on our shit, but then when they make their records, you don’t hear us on their records. When they put their records out, after they suck up or fame and come and get our fans, they get on their record and don’t give us that kind of shine.

Make a hit record and stop bitching.

Homey got a point, some people are just bitter. Makes me think of the haters on this site lol.

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