Video: Jay-Z & Warren Buffet Discuss Success At The 400 Forbes Summit

09.23.10 7 years ago 31 Comments

SF: Jay, where you grew up, you could have easily ended up being put away.

JZ: Yeah. There are very few people from my neighborhood that make it out. Forget about being successful, I mean making it out alive or just incarcerated. I have a great friend who just came home, one of the most beautiful people you’d ever meet; he just came home from doing 13 years. And we were together every single day. Back then there was a guy by the name of Jazz who I started out with. He had a deal with EMI. He had the opportunity to go to London to record his album. I went along with him for two months. In those two months there was a sting operation and they took my friend I’m talking about, for 13 years. The only reason I wasn’t there was because I was away doing this music stuff. Had it not been for music, and music taking me out at the right time, my life could very easily have been his, very easily.
via Forbes

Warrent Buffet and Jay-Z discuss want made them successful in life, TAKE NOTES. Jay-Z currently has an estimated worth of 450 million.

You can check Jay-Z and Warren Buffet on the cover of Forbes HERE.

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