Video: Lupe Fiasco LIVE @ Dwayne Wade’s Chicago Has Talent

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In other news Lupe Fiasco shared his thoughts on the plan to build a Mosque near Ground Zero in NYC.

As a devout Muslim, how do you feel about the Ground Zero mosque controversy?

Lupe Fiasco: I’m taking President Obama’s stance. Everyone has the right to worship where they please, but you do have to question the wisdom of it when you look at the reaction that it caused. I’m Muslim, so I understand the importance of practicing the faith. But that is something that is sensitive to Americans. I don’t trust polls, but there was such an overwhelming sentiment that maybe it’s not the best of idea. I think the people who are building it should take that under consideration. Would they be setting themselves up for vandals? Because now it’s become a target. But on the other side, I think it’s a great opportunity because Islam is in the forefront. This mosque situation is a good chance to spread what Islam is really about. People can give commentary on how much of a peaceful religion it is.

Full Interview: Rolling Out

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