Video: Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy Camp Outs

02.24.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

SWAT team called, riots started, tazing, tear gassing, and pepper spraying over the hyped up galaxy foams. The released ended up being canceled!

Thoughts on camping out for sneakers? Check out interviews and more chaos with people camping out below.

Within in any culture, one must realize that people have different motives as to why they desire to be apart of the said culture. It’s the classic tug of war between preservation & capitalization. The “sneaker game” is nothing new; however, one cannot deny that there has been a huge influx, recently, of participants in the “sneaker game”. Some people have ill feelings towards it, some don’t. Some blame it on the “hypebeasts”, resellers, and some even blame it on us, the blogs. Some even blame Wale. Whatever one’s theory may be, one must realize that there have always been people who follow trends, people who capitalize financially from trends, and those who cover or broadcast the trends; there is nothing new under the sun.

We recently took a trip down to Decatur St. in downtown Atlanta to a staple in not only Atlanta’s, but the entire South’s sneaker culture in the World Famous Walter’s. Here, we spoke to a few individual who are already camped for a pair of sneakers that does not release until days from now (February 24).

Now, those on the outside looking in may look at these individuals like they are absolutely insane. We’re sure you’ve heard of the recent events surrounding the Concord release or whatnot. However, everyone has something in which they covet and would be willing to do the same thing if it called for it. The iPhone 4 or the iPad2, tickets to an artist’s concert in high demand, , college students looking to get good seats at a big rivalry game, camping out for Black Friday, this is not the only instance of this happening. But, to each his/her own. These camp-outs are just a sneak preview of what’s to come for the next gigantic release, the Yeezy 2s.

What are you thoughts of camping out? Have you done it? Would you do it?

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