Video: T-Pain Speaks On His Start In Music, Taking A Break & His New Album

Even though Pain took a brief break from his music, he is back and in full effect. T-Pain spoke to Sway and the crew about why he took a break, working with Kanye on ‘808 and Heartbreaks’, and how his eccentric style will differ from his past styles.

T-Pain also spoke to us about his new single “Up Down” Ft. BOB (Prod. Dj Mustard) and how he is working on his new album Stoicville: The Phoenix, which does not have a date, but did mention it will drop next year. Now even though Pain and Future aren’t beefing, he did say he would collab, it just a matter of time.
via Sway

Check below for T-Pain speaking about how he got started in music with Juan Epstein.