Video: The Weeknd – Belong To The World

07.15.13 6 years ago

People think you guys aren’t cool with each other anymore.
No, that’s not true. Definitely not true. But it makes sense. The thing about Drake is I told him what my decisions were going to be. And he was down with it from the beginning.

You both just brush it off?
Of course. I don’t like to spoon-feed people. I don’t like to be like, “You know what? I’m going to let the world know that we’re cool. We’re going to take a picture together. Everyone’s cool.” It’s all about the mystery, and people like it. Shit’s WWE, man. It’s wrestling, you know what I mean?

Full Interview: Complex

The Weeknd drops a new video for, “Belong To The World.” Check his Complex cover below. I know the Weeknd says him and Drake were always cool but I find that very hard to believe.

via Complex

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