An Off-Key Vin Diesel Singing ‘Oh Happy Day’ With A Church Choir Is A Must-Watch

Nobody said, “I want a video of Vin Diesel singing gospel classics with a church choir,” but that’s what the Fast and Furious actor delivered.

The tattooed muscle man is currently filming xXx: The Return of Xander Cage in Toronto, Canada, and was compelled by the spirit of Christ to include a choir in the upcoming sequel. “We are filming a scene in a church and I had a dream that the film would include a choir,” Diesel revealed on the church set. “We went through thousands of choirs to select which choir would be in the movie, and the choir that we ultimately chose was the Sharon Riley and the Faith Chorale.”

During a break in filming, the 48-year-old actor explained how it was always too chicken to follow his dream of singing in a church choir. “Although my grandmother would take me to the choir every weekend, I never had that little bit of confidence needed to get up there and sang.” Until now, of course. With his confidence on 100, Vin led the choir in a flawless rendition of “Oh Happy Day.” Okay, maybe not “flawless,” but he tried really hard. That counts, right?

(Via Trinity Lewis on Facebook)