Vince Staples Is Dropping New Music This Week So Get Excited

When Vince Staples isn’t busy being one of rap’s best Twitter follows, he’s busy being one of rap’s best rappers, and thankfully, he’s back to the rapping part. Vinny took to Instagram to announce, well, to announce something.

“Think it’s time to get back on the horse, if I do say so myself,” Vince said on Twitter moments before posting the cover art to BagBak. Or “BagBak.” Whether it’s an album, or a mixtape, or a song, what’s clear is Vince is back with some new music and that’s reason enough to get excited. Oh, and it’s dropping this Friday, February 3rd so the wait won’t be long.

Vince’s hiatus has been brief since his August EP Prima Donna, but since that was a succinct seven tracks, and he keeps a constant presence online it’s felt like a huge void. Still, he’s kept relevant and visible with his constant commentary on everything from politics and social issues to sports on his various social media platforms.

With all that’s happened in the country since August, the return of his voice will be a welcomed one, whether it’s just one song or 10. Plus, with his Life Aquatic tour set to kick off next month, now is the perfect time to drop some new music and get the buzz going again.