Vince Staples Weighs In On The Cardi B And Nicki Minaj Beef And Why Rappers Should Stop Fighting

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Vince Staples is almost as well-known for his quippy quotables as he is for his cleverly futuristic take on gangsta rap principles, so when he called into Joe Budden’s podcast for its Halloween episode, it was sure that comedy gold would result. He didn’t disappoint either; he weighed in on topics like the lasting popularity of The Wire (which he still hasn’t seen), Wale’s ongoing campaign to convince fans he’s broke (“he upset like he not getting money”), and of course, the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj beef.

“Everybody needs to stop fighting,” he riffed as he started to sign off from the interview. “None of you n—-s is really with the business. My n—a Cardi B, my n—a Nicki, they ready to catch a body ’round this mothaf*cka. Stop pretending you n—-s is out like that. Shout out Cardi, shout out Nicki.”

It’s not exactly the side choosing some may have hoped for, but given Vince’s prior campaign to get “all the way negative” as when he encouraged Wale to “squabble up” with music critic Anthony Fantano, it makes sense he’d be all in for Cardi and Nicki’s fight to escalate again. He’s also got a point; for all the tough talk exchanged between Drake and Pusha or Eminem and MGK, Cardi and Nicki were the only ones to catch the fade in real life, off record.

Check out the full episode below. Vince calls in at 17:15.