Vince Staples Next Album Is Titled ‘Big Fish Theory’ And He Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

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Vince Staples new album finally has a title. According to an interview that the Long Beach rapper did with Vice‘s Kyle Kramer for their print magazine, the follow-up to Summertime ’06 is named Big Fish Theory.

We’ve already heard the excellent “BagBak” which was a great sign, but we’re still waiting to hear about a release date (though fans will get it first). I wouldn’t expect for this sort-of intentional mystery that Staples has around the album to clear up any time soon either. In an excerpt from the interview shared by 2 Dope Boyz, Staples says plainly that he doesn’t want to explain the work to anybody.

“Like if you’re a chef, someone fixes you a meal and then you go ask the chef ‘How was it?’,” he said “It’s like ‘I don’t know. I wasn’t there.'”

Staples went on to say that the album was an attempt to “explain certain things” about musicians to non-musicians. “We treat ’em like sh*t. Especially if they’re good,” he declared. For the most part however, he seemed reluctant to get into any real specifics about the album. “We got some songs,” he told Vice. “We got some beats and some words, you know. And then it comes to fruition. You put everything together. It’s like a smoothie. And then you drink it.”