Watch A Christian Mom’s Meltdown About The Evils Of Rap Synced To Vince Staples’ ‘Norf Norf’

Have you heard? Rap music is ruining the world!

That’s according to a mom who was driving her kids to school and had the pleasure of hearing Vince Staples 2015 track “Norf Norf.” Thankfully for everybody else she recorded her immediate, tearful reaction for all of the world to see and the smart people of the internet to meme and sync to rap songs.

“I cannot believe this stuff is on the radio,” she says while fighting back tears. “This is what our youth is being subjected to.” Of course, she has absolutely no context on Vince Staples and his work, but decides to judge him off usage of slang words and topics abortion — at the mention of which she completely breaks down.

Then, again, thankfully, she decides to recite the lyrics after she raced home and looked them up. Now, because the internet never misses a beat, some angel decided to take this woman’s performance and sync it to the “Norf Norf” beat, giving her a remix she never, ever wanted.

Apparently Vince’s Summertime ’06 track was getting played on the same radio station as Meghan Trainor, or one of this lady’s daughters got a hold of the aux cord and went ham. If it’s the former, congrats Vince, I had no idea he got Top 40 play. That’s great, just like the folks at Genius said . If it was this lady’s daughters Aalyiah, Aubrey and Gabriela, well that’s dope too, they sound pretty amazing.

As for the mom, who prefers “Toby Mac, Newsboys Christian music” and the heyday of pop like “You know Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, and N’SYNC,” it’s time to lighten up. Or delete the Vince Staples off her kid’s iPod. Or pick the radio station in the car. Or probably just lighten up. Hopefully she sees herself rapping “Norf Norf” on beat and it makes her day like it made mine. Most of all, I can’t wait until Vince sees this and starts tweeting.

(Via Genius)