Vince Staples Brings Biting Wit To Snapchat On His Hilarious New Show, ‘F*#! That’

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Long Beach rapper Vince Staples has established himself as one of the wittiest, most entertaining personalities on social media, with his biting observations garnering thousands of likes and retweets on Twitter with his no-holds-barred thoughts on everything from endless rap beef to electric vehicles as the wave of the future. Now, in collaboration with Uproxx, he’s set his sights on taking over another platform with a comedic, Snapchat-exclusive show, F*#! That With Vince Staples.

The premise is simple: Vince sends one of his colorful longtime friends from his old North Long Beach stomping grounds on an activity that Vince himself finds questionable. He watches the tape and determines whether or not it seems like something he would do, then declares either that he “f*#!s with that” or says “f*#! that.” The activities themselves include weird urban adventures like beekeeping, visiting a rage room, and getting a colonic. While the primary draw is Vince’s cheeky reactions, his friends turn out to be quite the cast of characters as well, as they respond to their wacky predicaments.

Vince’s gleeful provocations to his dubious friends are more than enough reasons to check it out, but Vince also has plenty of health advice, jokes, and smart observations to make it worth your while. You can watch the first episode now on Snapchat. You can also automatically jump to the show and subscribe with the Snap code below.