Vince Staples Won Twitter Again By Eviscerating North Carolina’s Homophobic Legislature

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Vince Staples currently resides high on the Greatest Rappers In The World list, but he might be on top of the Greatest Tweeters In The World list without much debate. The 23-year-old rapper performed at the Hopscotch festival in Raleigh, North Carolina and must have been moved by the crowd because he hopped on Twitter to offer a hilarious takedown of the state’s anti-LGBT bathroom laws passed earlier this year.

“If it was up to me you could poop in whichever bathroom you wanted,” he said while hashtagging #Equality and jokingly, #peequality.

Of course, because the homophobic trolls of Twitter never miss a chance, some detractors popped up, but Vince was quick to clap back and end that before it ever really started.

Then he offered some sound advice to homophobes everywhere, including the suggestion that they listen to some Frank Ocean, because Endless and Blonde were extraordinary.

And he followed that up with some sound logic as only Vinny Staples could:

Final note? Never forget folks, Sprite over Sierra Mist. All day. Everyday.

The controversial bathroom laws have caused many artists to cancel performances in the state and the NBA even moved the 2017 NBA All-Star game to protest the unjust laws. The law has recently been passed along to a federal court judge to decide whether or not it is unconstitutional, with a decision to come later this year. Ending on a good note, tonight we also found out Staples is a fan of Sylan Esso, which is pretty f*cking awesome. That would be a hell of a collab.