Waka Flocka Wipes His Butt With A Donald Trump Jersey Live On Stage At A Show

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If it wasn’t clear previously, Waka Flocka made it completely clear he’s not a fan of our next President. To prove the point, the rapper, who has said he plans to run for office in 2020, used a fan’s Donald Trump jersey to wipe his ass while performing on stage.

A fan uploaded video of the incident to Twitter, taken from Flocka’s performance at the Georgia Theatre in Athens on Tuesday night. He apparently noticed a member of the crowd wearing a Trump jersey — who knew such a thing existed? — and asked the fan to throw the shirt to him on stage. “Throw that jersey up here, bro,” Waka said. “I f*ck with him. I f*ck with the Donald Trump jersey.”

Once he has it in hand, the Brick Squad rapper proceeds to drop his trousers and use the jersey to take one clean swipe of his hind quarters with it. When he’s done, he throws it on stage and tells the crowd, “F*ck Donald Trump,” to what sounds like cheers in response. See it below in the video but it’s NSFW since it does actually include Waka’s bare butt.

The Atlanta rapper has been critical of Trump in the past. During the presidential campaign, Flocka called out the then-Republican candidate for his stance on immigration, going on a Twitter diatribe to remind Trump that “minorities built this country.”

If he does decide to run for President later, Flocka has a video ripe for smear campaigns that come with politics.

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