Lil Wayne Is Back To His Scene-Stealing Ways On Wale’s ‘Running Back’

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With label woes and a bevy of lawsuits practically barring Lil Wayne from releasing solo material, he’s spent the better part of the past few years making his money and maintaining his presence on the scene with guest appearances. In keeping so busy Tune has turned the clock back a tad, regained some form and appeared closer to his 2006-2009 peak recently than he has been since his jail stint. So when Wale came knocking for a feature on his latest single “Running Back,” Weezy did exactly what he’s been doing for quite some time now: He killed it.

Wale does just fine for himself, and surely the track will again garner some anticipation for his long-awaited new album S.H.I.N.E., but his solid performance was at the mercy of Wayne’s bouncy flow and scene-stealing presence. “She got a funny ass / Look what them booty shots done to that / That b**ch need her money back, LAWD” he jokes before speeding his flow up just a tad for the final eight, commanding bars.

It’s not just Wayne’s verse that grants him the deed of ownership of the track either. His random quips, chirps, ad-libs and overall additions to the chorus and outro of the track liven up the entire space, ensuring that Wale got every dollar’s worth out of Weezy’s latest feature.

Listen to “Running Back” below and pick up the track on iTunes.

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