Wale Cancels All Of His Valentine’s Day Plans On The Newly Released ‘All Star Break Up’

Wale has been laying low on social media for a while now but it looks like he’s preparing for a big 2018. Along with his remix to SZA’s “The Weekend,” he’s come out of hiding to release “All Star Break Up” — a laid back ode to those who think Valentine’s Day is overrated.

Gliding over a simple, sample-laden beat, Wale flexes his lyrical muscle here — sliding from a spoken-word delivery to his more ambitious, punchline heavy flow. The subject matter is anything but romantic, however. With lines like: “If my pride was aside, I probably would text u first/If you could die from a broken heart, you would drive a hearse” this song is a spooky metaphor for relationships lost before love’s biggest day. It’s also not lost on Wale that Valentine’s Day falls right before the madness of All-Star Weekend, so he manages to squeeze in a few timely punchlines to reflect that as well.

It also bears mentioning another breakup that Wale seems to be going through — this time with Atlantic Records. The song appears to be released through Every Blue Moon/Maybach Music Group, leading many to speculate that he’s left the label that had housed him for over five years. Listen to “All Star Break Up” above or stream it on all platforms here.

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