Wale Falls In Love With The Grind Again On His New Single ‘Staying Power’

02.27.18 1 year ago

With “All Star Break Up,” Wale announced his independence from Atlantic Records, which was previously his label for over five years. That track dropped just a couple weeks ago, and now Wale is already back with another one: At midnight, he shared “Staying Power,” a new single that celebrates Wale falling “in love with the grind again.”

“‘Staying Power’ is perfect for n****s that’s grindin’ RIGHT now… because that’s what I’m doing,” he wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “I fell in love with the grind again.”

On the single, produced by AyyDot, Wale goes through a variety of flows and drops lyrics like, “Paranoid so I’m drinking heavy / Hearing voices so I don’t sleep heavy / Had a choice I could turn her back / I be running back for a team or something / Kick return wide receiver money.”

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