Wale Falls In Love With The Grind Again On His New Single ‘Staying Power’

With “All Star Break Up,” Wale announced his independence from Atlantic Records, which was previously his label for over five years. That track dropped just a couple weeks ago, and now Wale is already back with another one: At midnight, he shared “Staying Power,” a new single that celebrates Wale falling “in love with the grind again.”

“‘Staying Power’ is perfect for n****s that’s grindin’ RIGHT now… because that’s what I’m doing,” he wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “I fell in love with the grind again.”

On the single, produced by AyyDot, Wale goes through a variety of flows and drops lyrics like, “Paranoid so I’m drinking heavy / Hearing voices so I don’t sleep heavy / Had a choice I could turn her back / I be running back for a team or something / Kick return wide receiver money.”

He also took to Instagram to share a screenshot of a dictionary definition for “staying power,” and he also noted that this song might not be around forever, writing, “Tweet it, repost it (cuz I gotta delete it soon).”

It’s not clear yet if “Staying Power” is set to appear on some new project or not, but whatever the case, listen to it above.

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