Mac Miller Invites Us Into His Studio For The Effortlessly Smooth ‘Inertia’ Freestyle

Mac Miller’s SWIMMING is almost here, but until then he offered his fans the chance to float to his “Inertia” freestyle. Mac is getting sonically ambitious with his latest work, already showcasing his funky explorations with the release of “What’s The Use?” last week. “Inertia” is in a similar vein, as he flows over a jazzy, understated-yet-complex soundscape that the Pittsburgh native produced himself. The Sam Balaban-curated video for the freestyle is low frills, as he offers us a Mass Appeal Rhythm Roulette-like showcase of how he made the beat from barebones before going in over it. Mac gave us a privileged look inside his studio, seemingly trapped inside a loop of keyboards that turned into a ring of rhythm.

Upon releasing “Inertia,” he tweeted out the development of the track: While he made the core of the beat, West Coast producer Thundercat hooked up the bass. If he’s offering this up as an appetizer, his fans will surely be looking to see what the album has in store.

Along with “Inertia,” Mac recently released the official SWIMMING merchandise, tweeting out a photo of simple hoodies and shirts, one of which says “self-care” on the front and back. SWIMMING is releasing Friday, and listening to the seemingly smooth-sounding album may be part of an effective self-care routine this weekend.

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