Maxwell Offers The Ultimate Summer Reprieve In The Sweltering ‘1990x’ Video

Maxwell just can’t help himself. No matter what the man does, it all seems to say he’s several notches above us mere mortal men. Sometimes it comes in the form of a song, other times a performance, or in this case, a video for a song where he puts on one hell of a performance. The “1990x” video is another sign that we’re just doing it all wrong.

You’ve got eyes so there’s no need to go into details. With that said, the video is a perfect cap to Maxwell’s sweltering summer. It’s been said before, but truly, there is no “sell by” date on this man’s music. In an era where singers are using Auto-Tune and any number of other studio inventions in an effort to stand out, Maxwell’s output continues to rise above by refusing to conform to anyone else’s aesthetic.

The video complement the song perfectly with a dark color palette that contrasts the brass of the instrumental and the power of the vocals. “1990x” encapsulates everything dope about the summer: Romance, heat, boldness, and freshness. Not like supermarket fresh, but the feeling that comes from realizing we’ll get three months of gorgeous weather as a reprieve to cold of winter and the rain of spring.

Maxwell is the ultimate reprieve.