Will Smith Does A Great Michael Jackson Impression And Tells The Crazy Story Of How They Met

04.19.18 10 months ago

So far, Will Smith’s newfound dedication to social media has been glorious. He’s quickly become the king of Instagram thanks to masterful content like salsa lessons with Marc Anthony. His Youtube game is pretty strong, too, and in his latest video, he busts out a solid Michael Jackson impression while telling the story about how he first met the legend.

The story goes like this: Smith was at the BET Awards one year, and the whole night, he was trying to meet Jackson. Eventually, some chaos ensued courtesy of Suge Knight, at which point Smith found himself pushed into a closet by security personnel. He quickly realized that he was in there with Jackson, and talking about the situation, Jackson said, “Suge’s always trippin’. All that success and he can’t figure out how to be happy.”

From there, Jackson and Smith talked about comic books, with Jackson bragging about a first-edition Fantastic Four comic he had. Shortly after that, Jackson was whisked away by some security person, and thus ended the only time that Smith and Jackson ever met.

It’s a story that’s much better told by Smith than it is written by me, so watch Smith tell the story himself above.

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