Win Tickets To Fabolous’ “The Soul Tape” Concert In NYC Wednesday

09.13.11 7 years ago 12 Comments

Fabolous is having a free show for his fan this Wednesday and will be performing all of his tracks from “The Soul Tape.” RealTalkNY will be giving away a few pairs. To enter name which song the 5 lyrics in the slideshow come from. Email answers with your full name to

From the bottom, but we end up being top notch
Thinkin’ out the box where everybody hopscotch

If everybody a boss, then who’s really workin’?
If they say they got that raw shit, that really mean
Them white squares is stepped on, Billie Jean

I’m having doubts, what they really believe
Starting with these Stefan Urquelle, who really be Steve
Photoshop dont make it better, it really deceive
Long hair dont care, but it really be weave

Body so mean that it’s border line cruel

They find them niggas in a meat locker soon
Have their mommas crying like they in the heats locker room wassup

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