Witness Claims Jeezy Received Kilos From BMF

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Simms testified that his job was to unload BMF’s cocaine from limos outfitted with secret compartments. He said he piled as many as 100 “bricks” of cocaine at a time inside the basement of one of BMF’s stash houses, an ultra-modern Buckhead mansion nicknamed “Space Mountain.” And he said that on one occasion, in the fall of 2004, he was ordered by high-ranking BMF members Chad “J-Bo” Brown and Martez “Tito” Byrth to set aside multi-kilo cocaine “shipments” for two customers. Simms said the customers picked up the coke from him at Space Mountain.

When asked by assistant U.S. Attorney Robert McBurney who the customers were, Simms gave two names: William “Doc” Marshall, a high-level BMF co-conspirator who testified earlier in the trial, and “Jeezy.”

“Young Jeezy the rapper?” McBurney asked.

“Yes,” Simms answered.

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Time to get the legal team ready, I’m sure they are trying to build a case against him.

In more positive news, Jeezy has started a new site, USDA2Day.com, and will be releasing a new mixtape on the site 6/14.

As Jeezy readies for his highly anticipated third major label album release with the launch of the new site, he will also introduce an official new mixtape, The Prime Minister. Anticipated to be another certified street banger by the rap superstar, it will be released this Saturday, June 14th and be available for free download on USDA2Day.com.

I see whoever post news on the site checks out RealTalkNY. The site talks alot about crimes and has a section for body counts in certain cities, hence the title, “meda source for the hood.”

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