Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose’s Son Has His Mind Blown When He Realizes Santa Visited Both His Parents

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Merry Christmas from Bash and His Mommy #sebastiantaylorthomaz 😍😘❤️

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Co-parenting can be a difficult situation for a lot of parents, especially around the holidays, but it seems that Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa have a good grip on things and their set-up is blowing the mind of the little son Sebastian. Whatever the specifics of their arrangement are, it appears that rather than splitting Christmas day in half, Sebastian spent one day with his dad and the next day with his mom. Thankfully, Amber broadcast the special moment when she woke the little fella up for Christmas morning, and much to his delight he was blown away by the fact that Santa visited both his mom and his dad’s houses.

“Really?” he asked, excitedly and still half-asleep. “Santa came to my dad’s house too!” It’s a hilarious moment, as he realizes he’s getting two Christmases and that Santa keeps an insane itinerary on his big day. The four-year-old still wasn’t quite awake enough to hop out of the bed just yet though, as he asked his mom for a moment to get a good morning stretch. But, as most kids are wont to do, he got that over with quickly before finally jumping out of bed to go see what Santa brought his way.

Much like when he went Trick-or-Treating like a boss a few years ago, it’s just another instance of Sebastian being completely adorable and his parents — thankfully — broadcasting it for all of to see and enjoy.

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